"I am honored to be an awareness facilitator on your revolution of self-evolution. The mission is clear and concise. Get to know you. Your journey is a call to action, a need for rest, and utilizing innate discernment to wisely collect your sources of input from people and paths life has to offer. Learn how to warmly embrace every moment within your body, in motion and stillness. Honor your process."

-Matt Hunsaker, Aerialist | CMERS | Fire Dancer | LMT | RMT

"Matt did a great job listening to my concerns and helping me overcome an injury to my neck/back in 2012. I would highly recommend Matt as a strong team player - he has great energy and genuinely cares about those with whom he works."

- Karen Fulmer, Aerialist Instructor | Performer | Owner at Vertical Fix Aerial Arts Group

"Matt is not only a smart and efficient person but also an inspiring healer. He is one of the best healers I've ever met in my life and one of the smartest colleagues with whom I have ever worked. I strongly endorse Matt. "

-Aaron Pierson, of AaronPierson.com